Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July with My Gardner Guy....

As I stated in my last post I have been wrap up in plans to remodel my kitchen. I also have been enjoying the company off my daughters and grand critters. Though it has been hectic with all that is going on we took the time to enjoy our July 4th with some tasty hamburgers and hot dogs, corn on the cob, strawberry rhubarb pie, root beer floats.....parades, fireworks and water fun!!!

I finally got a chance to test out the rhubarb barbecue sauce in My Gardner Guys hamburgers. Forgive me for not posting pictures of our great food...a week of fun, and oops... my camera is not working after a water mishap. But this is what I did.... I added about a cup of my rhubarb sauce, 1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce, one medium/large onion to 3- 4 lbs of meat.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is it Spring or not?

That is a very good question? The snow along with cold tempertures and all the rain has many worried around here about major flooding. We have only had to water the garden one time in this past month. Even then if we would of waited the rain would of done the job for us. Today's picking in the garden gave us a huge weeks worth of lettuce and spinach. I am going to use the lilac for making some sweet smelling bath oil.

My lilac bath oil in the making....this is to be enjoyed when and if my bathroom remodel gets done!!!!!!!!!!!
Our 2011 garden is in the works as the pictures display things are growing...

These are the peas, onions, and GARLIC...looking forward to the garlic!
It looks as if I will be canning some delious rhubard sauce next week...
The sunflowers, we have so many coming up all over the garden this year we cleared (Brent my gardner man)out an area to transplant some of them...
We now have a much bigger pumpkin patch, this year we are trying to grow some giant ones so be ready to see our works!
We may be expanding the garden as Aunt Trudy has given me permission to use a portion of her yard that she is not using this year. I am in great thought as to what I would like to plant. I have been thinking of some cut flowers, grouds, herbs, and perhaps just get it cleaned up to prepare for a fall garden.
Yummy potatoes.....
My Iris' have bloom and have looked some what better in past years. Though the rain has helped the hard rain and hail has been hard on the flowers and all plants this year. For Mothers Day we went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Pointe. Many plants, trees and especially the roses were damaged bad from our snow and long winter cold temperatures...

Monday, March 14, 2011

A New Year 2011

March 17, 20011....spending time with Lila, she had surgery on her shoulder. Had lots of fun with the kids as the little green guy made his vist...

Okay 4 stores later, gold coins, treats for St. Patrick's $40.00 later...What happen to just the wearing of green...Oh now we are turning the house upside down. Leprechaun's turn things upside down!!! The kids are having a blast with this...The bird cage is set to catch a short lucky Leprechaun.

It is already March 14, 2011...I have struggled getting current with my blogging. I have not even ended the 2010 year and a few months already into 2011. It is amazing how fast time seems to get away from me.
Ella's Birthday Feb. 2011 I got to take care of baby Ella for a few days while Shelley went to a convention in California...I enjoyed taking care of this little Grandcritter as she is so attached to Mom and Dad it has been hard to get close to her. Feb. 15th Ella turned one...I bought her a cute blue dress. Some things we did together: take many walks, play in her many walkers, go to the old fashion soda store, play
The walker with the yellow tray is her favorite. She's goes crazy fast in this walker, it's quite funny...
Ella's making it hard for Megan cleaning out the pantry!!! Kyle and Megan are living in Shelley and Dave's basement so I get to also visit with them.

Madelyn turns 4
Happy Birthday Davis, Travis and Rigby, kyle and Brandi
Disney land

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Season 2010 so far...

It is already March 14, 2011...I have struggled getting current with my blogging. I have not even ended the 2010 year and a few months already into 2011. It is amazing how fast time seems to get away from me. Christmas 2010 was spent at my daughters house in Las Vegas. We had a good time as well as hetic, I do not care to recall the hetic...that's life!!! I care today only to remember the memories. We made these snowman cute and a bit messy but easy. Then we went driving around to see the Christmas Lights...when I say we, Avery, Madelyn, Ty, Lila, Brent and I. When we would come upon a very neat decorated house we would leave them cookies!! The best house...WOW, we found the home good old Mr. and Mrs. Claus stays in Las Vegas during the extreme weather conditions of the North Pole. Mrs. Claus answers the door, envites you in to see her very cool decorated home. Every corner including the bathroom was deck out with fantastic Christmas decorations and spirit.

The cookies we made....a sugar cookie with a marshmallow slightly melted on the top. Used candy cake sprinkles for the eyes, nose and buttons.
I flew out of Salt Lake to spend more time with Lila and the kids for this Christms Season. Friday the 17th., Brent will drive down Wednesday the 22nd to meet me. I enjoyed seeing this Christmas tree at the airport on my way to the gate.
I enjoy spending time with my Grandcritters....this one is so busy. Fish crackers all over the carpet.
Little Ty Brent Harper December 2011...

When I visit the Grandcritters one of our favorite things to do is go to get Krispy Kreme doughnuts...This ones were so cute!!!

Christmas At The Bellagio Hotel Conservatory 2010....This is such a fun place to visit..the Bellagio Gardens always have some kind of display....Their Christmas one was great.

Little Big Town....Friday November 19, 2010
For quite awhile Brent has been wanting to go to a concert...So we booked Little Big Town. We stayed one night at The Montego Bay Casino Resort. Saturday we awoke and headed to Ely to visit Dad and Mildred. We had a great visit with them... I worked on the Ward Christmas ornaments.
We started out the Christmas Season with our yearly Ward Christmas Party. Now that is is over I can get onto family stuff. I have decide to go to Las Vegas for this Christmas Season. For the first time ever I will not be putting up a Christmas Tree.

I forgot to take pictures of the Christmas party, sad, they also released the activities committee as to conducting Ward events. This is all around in the church, I am looking forward to seeing what they will replace it with. I did take some pictures of our invite, centerpieces and cute ornament we handed out to everyone.

The reason is we are suppose to start on our Kitchen. If we do not start soon I am going to start the bedroom instead. I really enjoy decorating for Christmas so this season of not decorating is hard.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween with the kids

Halloween this year to us the St. George...the condo. My kids all joined me for a quick weekend. I have been so busy with my father that I have had not much time to get away. We had two weeks planned but those plans did not pan out. However, ever we took what we could every night. Lots and lots of food and pool time. Trick or Treating...and some nice lady stopped us on our daily return from the pool and gave us a ginger bread house to decorate. It was fun!!!
We played somegames in the evening hour....look at our Trick or Treaters...
 This little boy is so stinking CUTE!!!

 Some how we did not get a face shot of Avery Mae....
 I think they had a long day....
Little Ella's first time Trick or Treating with Mom and Dad...
We enjoyed one of our favorite spots; Hiking in Snow Canyon